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She wanted to be prepared.Ralph then stripped my bikini bottoms down my legs.“We do?The concern for our safety was creating some anxiety on my part…especially the way I was dressed.Teasing me.My ovaries brimmed.As a celebration, I have given these three gentlemen extra strength Viagra, and enough aphrodisiac to last a day.”"Grandma," I say softly.When she still stood there looking at him, he looked up and said, “Don’t you have a show to prepare for?”She was having a difficult time keeping on task of pleasuring Jill with her tongue as I was fucking her sweet pussy from behind.My mind was still swimming with the images and sounds from the VR headset, my ass was sore, my balls drained of their cum, my throat sore from the endless stream of my cum mixed with the artificial.Once again, you told me that yourself.I settled back in the recliner with the second girl and began feeding her.Jill and I were asked to make sure you and Mr. Paxton have a safe journey over to your hotel, th

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