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Liquid delight spilled down my thighs, my spicy musk filling the air.Luckily for us, the gym was pretty dead so nobody took any notice of our attire, or the fact that I had slipped my pass back to Isabelle to let her in.“I think I’m definitely ready for the toy.Hr growled, driving himself over the edge of his climax.He watched each toe as Pam stretched them out and moved them around.I thought you were done with me?”I couldn't believe that I came so quickly.Lazy whiners.It was amazing because no matter what I did, deep and hard thrusts, or shallow and gentle, she continuously gazed up at me with this content look of satisfaction that only urged me on and encouraged me to fuck her harder.“He remembers the timeline where you cheated on him.”All that hair grossed me out.Amy said, “Damn, that tastes like no other cum I’ve ever tasted.The vampire was nearly seven feet tall beneath his black robes, and was flanked by two statuesque women whose postures belied a reverence for him

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