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She was grabbing at my hair and moaning in my ear.I’m almost there and can hear myself giving little “ohs” as jolts of pleasure shoot out from my center causing me to curl my toes.Payback later, whore!” At that moment, she decided to play along and not let her friend get the best of her.“I think that would be preferable” Nick said, still beaming with a gidish joy.Then she glanced at me, her green eyes sparkling.I swallowed."You... you love me?"Her eyes teared up as her nose touched his filthy pubic hair.She was quite surprised at this, as she didn’t think a boy this young would behave like this."Do you remember what your number was—the one they gave you when you signed up?"So are you ready Master.Take that cock."All-in-all the total value had to be around a thousand USD, converted from Swedish krona.This story stands on its own, but makes a little more sense if you have read the previous chapters.I wouldn’t just let my sister be a single mom.Mason felt him rub his fin

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